Does artificial coloring/ food coloring lead to cancer?

We lost. Red m&m's for decades with the "red dye #10" scare. I marvel about how we play "scare of the week" with stuff like this, yet still have tobacco sold in pharmacies and walmart. Some dyes are carcinogenic, so are nitrites in hot dogs. This means that when fed to laboratory rats, those that get substance x get some form of cancer when 100 times dose is used. Small infrequent use works.
No. Anything can be made to "cause cancer" in preposterous amounts in animal studies, and it's human nature to want to believe that artificial means bad. Things that pose real cancer risks are those that damage dna, and a scientist who showed one of the current (not old-time) dyes does this would become famous. Ego drives real science, and remembering this helps me see through conspiracy talk.