Does anyone had an epidural for any reason other than labor?

Yes. Just as epidural anesthesia will help with labor pain it will also help with other causes of pain. They are often used for surgery on the legs. Epidural steroid injections are often done for sciatica or back pain but are done a little differently than the epidurals done for labor.
Pain control. Epidural can be used as sole anesthetic for low extremity and abdominal procedures with or without sedation. They are placed for acute pain management for thoracic, abdominal, vascular and low extremity procedures. In certain cases they can be placed for several weeks, but this practice is limited.
Yes, Epidurals are routinely given for postoperative pain control in major abdominal surgery, major chest surgery, and even hip and knee replacement surgeries. They provide excellent postoperative pain relief, without all the side effects of narcotics administered intravenously.
Yes. They are also used for major orthopedic and abdominal or chest surgery for acute post operative pain control.