Can safflower oil aid in dieting?

Dieters Beware, Pt.1. FAT BURNERS ( Gamma linoleic acid, DNP, Acai berry, Whey). Claim: They will "melt away" fat and help build muscle. Science: Not much. There's insufficient evidence that they can contribute to weight loss. Risks: Some are banned by the FDA (though they remain available online) over risks of organ failure. (Ref. Time,7/14)
NO,all fats high cal. Safflower oil is better than solid fats, but it is still a fat. Fats are very calorie dense, packing 9 calories per gram, versus carbs and proteins which provide 4-5 cal per gram. There are only 3 ways to lose weight: eat less, burn more calories or do both. It's math. Energy math. Recent research shows if you follow any eating plan where you burn more than you eat, you will lose. Just do it.