Are there glycerin and propylene glycol free lotions?

CereVe. There is a line of creams, lotions, and cleansers called cereve, which is available over the counter. They are free of propylene glycol. They are expensive but worth it if you are allergic. I have just become aware that I am allergic-- this propylene glycol is everywhere----deodorants, cottonelle wipes, etc, so just switching lotions may not be enough! yikes! good luck to both of us !

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I had a positive result on allergy Patch test for Propylene Glycol. I just noticed the Eucerin lotion I use everyday contains this. What can I do?

Patch Tests. Any allergy test has to be correlated with clinical findings. In other words, do you have any allergy symptoms when you use your present lotion or other products with propylene glycol in them. If you have no reaction, then the positive patch test is not significant. If you do have symptoms then it is significant. I have positive testing to grass but have no symptoms, so I'm not really allergic. Read more...