Will root canals lead to tooth discoloration?

Most of the time. Sometimes teeth that have had root canal will discolor since the tooth is no longer "alive". There is no blood supply to the tooth and tends to be more likely to chip or fracture, so usually a crown would be recommended on a tooth after a root canal.
Possibly. It is possible for any tooth that has been traumatized or injured or suffered significant decay to get darker in color. On a non-root canal tooth, either bonding or external bleaching can help even out the color. On a root canal tooth, of yet a crown is required afterwards, so the shades can be aligned. If the access hole is small, the root canal tooth can be bleached internally until correct!
Yes! In the process of root canal treatment, a dentist removes damaged or dead nerve of a tooth. Once nerve is gone, no pain sensors inside the tooth to feel cold, hot or pain. However, this nerve is intertwined with blood vessels, and water supply. So when tooth is sealed up as to maintain sterile environment, it loses water supply and gets brittle and discolored.
Brown Dead Tooth. When the nerve dies inside a tooth, specially after trauma, it begins to decompose producing byproducts that are absorbed from inside the tooth by the dentinal tubules. Even after getting a root canal, the tooth will remain discolored. The tooth can be bleached from the inside to whiten to its original shade. In most cases the teeth need a crown and the crown will cover up the brown stain.

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How to prevent tooth discoloration which undergone root canal?

Not much. You should really ask a dentist, but here's what little I know. Avoid red wine, coffee, colored drinks. You can always use whiteners or bleaches, but may not be the best for your teeth. You could also get a cap. Hope that helps.
You can't. after root canal, the tooth will get discolored cause the nerve and blood supply is removed. For esthetic reasons, you need to see a dentist to find out the best possible cosmetic look for you. You can send me x-rays and a photo for a second opinion. Http://my. Setmore. Com/bookingpage/72b8c781-a64f-45c9-9314-934abdd25118.
Impossible. The teeth that undergo root canal treatment may darken or change the shade.

After root canal operation, is there a big possibility that the affected teeth might lead to discoloration (yellow or black).?

Yes. It is very common to have the tooth change colors because it no longer has a blood vessel. This makes the tooth brittle and easy to fracture so it is a good idea to place a crown over the tooth if it is a back tooth. If it is a front tooth, your dentist can bleach the tooth from inside the tooth. This does not hurt.
Yes. Teeth tend to become darker after root canal therapy. In most cases this is treated with a crown, but sometimes in the anterior it can be bleached.
OLD WIVES TALE. Many years ago when one of the components of root canal cements was silver root treated teeth typically turned black. This is no longer the case.

Needing expert help. I have root canal done 50hour ago. Can I smoke or it will lead to an tooth infection?

Not really. Tooth infection is caused by micro-organisms. As long as your tooth is sealed off smoking will not affect the tooth. However, smoking does constrict your vessels and decrease the healing ability of your gum and bone around the tooth. Smoking is not good for your gum health.