How bad is the scar after getting a tummy tuck?

Variable. We strive for that fine line scar that fades away but unfortunately can't control all aspects of healing. For the majority of patients the scar is a good trade off for the excess skin and stretch marks.
Depends. A short scar tummy tuck can be as short as 6 inches or so. Full tummy tuck means a scar from hip to hip and around the belly button as well. Truly depends on how "bad" your laxity and skin excess is.
Tummy Tuck Scars. In general, the tummy tuck scar is 12+ inches long. Things a surgeon can do to make the scar less noticable are: 1)since the tummy tuck scar will inevitably migrate up a bit post operatively, the initial incision should be placed well below the bikini line. 2) tummy tuck technique matters. It has been my experience that the lockwood technique assists in the best healing and minimum scars.
Dr. Kinsley, and... There are both surgical (technique) factors as well as underlying patient factors. Certain people, especially (but not limited to) african-americans, are predisposed to the formation of keloid (thick, bumpy, raised) scars. Bythe time you're old enough to be having a 'tummy tuck' you probably know your own healing and scar formation tendencies.
Tummy Tuck Scar. All surgery leaves scars, and each patient needs to feel comfortable with the scars as a trade-off for the improvement. A tummy tuck scar should be low enought to be hidden by panties or a bikini bottom. The scar length depends on the the amount of extra skin to be removed. Patients and their plastic surgeons need to discuss the scars carefully during the consultation.
Acceptable. An ideal scar from a tummy tuck is thin and pale, and located low enough to be concealed under a swimsuit bottom. Three will also be a sca around the belly button, so getting that part to look good is a signature of a well done abdominoplasty.
Depends. It depends on the type of tummy tuck you get, your body's own ability to heal, and how well your scar's normally heal. In general, the scar heals very well. It is important to understand that the final appearance of the scar takes many months.