Do I have to wait to travel after a tummy tuck?

Probably. Tummy tuck is a major surgical operation. You'll want to be nearby your surgeon. Also, you'll probably be sore for a few weeks after surgery.
Travel time. Since there is no "one-size-fits'all" approach to surgery, if you are planning travel after surgery, it is best to ask your surgeon what his or her comfort level is regarding when to allow you to travel.
Yes. You need to give your body time to heal after a tummy tuck prior to traveling. During your consultation with your board certified plastic surgeon you should ask her/him what your travel restrictions will be after surgery.
Yes. Preferably you should stay close to your surgeon's office for a week or two minimum if everything goes well for the average case. I certainly would not go to any remote areas within a month or two of surgery to minimize the potential of needing assistance and not being able to get it. Patients do not always need urgent help this far out but occasionally some do.
Travel after tummy. It is typically best if you can arrange to remain in close proximity to your plastic surgeon for two weeks following surgery. Most early complications, which are fortunately rare, such as bleeding, infection or clotting will typically occur within this time period.
Yes. It depends of course on the nature of the travel (car ride vs plane trip) but it is always a good idea to wait a minimum af 5-7 days. You want to make sure there are no complications and that your pain is under control. There are other risks to long travel after major surgery which you should discuss with your surgeon.