How can I prevent sids?

Sleep position. Babies who sleep on their stomach or side have a higher risk of SIDS, therefore they should always sleep on their back. Pacifier use and background noise, such as a ceiling fan, have been shown to decrease the risk as well. Smokers in the home and overheating have been shown to increase the risk.
BACK TO SLEEP. Again, back-to-sleep has saved more lives than any other public health campaign in history by reducing the deaths related to sids. So.... Put your baby only on its back to sleep. Also - studies show that smoking parents have a higher risk of having a sids death. Newer studies also show using a pacifier may reduce the risk of sids as well.
Breast and backsleep. Not only is there no treatment to prevent sids, it is the most common cause of death in infants. We DO know risk factors are smoking, NOT breastfeeding, Warm room temperature, baby wearing a hat to sleep, and prone sleeping. So the least SIDS risk is the baby who is breastfed, put down to sleep on his back, in a 68 degree room, without a hat, in a nonsmoking environment.