Can playing football with a bone contusion on the inner foot cause further damage?

Better to rest. A bone contusion is usually very painful and swollen. If you continue to play football you risk a second injury or fracture. I would suggest rest, ice , elevation, and compression.
A contusion is a. Bone bruise. Assuming that this is the case, then the main problem is that it is painful. Playing on it, if painful enough, can alter the gait of running and direction changes. As a result, secondary issues can arise.

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My 16 year old broke his foot playing football and the dr can't get him in for 5 days. Will this cause a problem with the reconstruction of the bone? Or should we get him in sooner for correct healing

Get seen. Please take junior to someone who can see him. A fracture needs to be seen without delay. Read more...
Variable. Most fractures need initial stabilization and a waiting period for the initial swelling to go down before the orthopedist will cast the injury. Unless there is an open fracture (exposed bone) that needs immediate surgery, a delay is routine. If you took him to your pcp, urgent care, or the er and had initial stabilization and pain management, you are likely fine to wait.Call your pcp for other que. Read more...