How can I prevent heat rash?

Dont over-layer. Most babies get heat rash by being over dressed and over heating. This causes irritated skin and excess sweating leading to red, bumpy skin or 'prickly heat' or heat rash. Dress baby in only the number of layers that you need to keep warm and dont over dress. Otherwise keep baby cool and you should see less rashes.
Keep cool. Try not to overheat your baby. Parent's tend to overdress babies. Heat rash is mild, and resolves on it's own.

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How can I prevent heat rash while outside?

Try these. Heat rash looks like red dots or small pimples, usually centered in patches anywhere sweat is trapped or friction occurs. 1) stay cool-dress lightly & wear material that wicks heat & is lightweight & loose-fitting 2)avoid creams or oils that block sweat glands. 3)keep skin gently clean & dry to decrease friction 4) keeping up with fluids will keep your body cooler internally. 5) vitamin c may help.

How can I prevent my "heat rash"?

Cooling and fanning. Heat rash is best prevented by sufficiently cooling and fanning an area. Any interventions that can help decrease sweating will also avoid aggravating this rash.

Can I tell me how I can prevent heat rash?

Stay cool. Stay cool, possible antiperspirant, loose clothing, may need creams.

How do you prevent heat rash?

Dress lightly.... ..In as few clothes as possible. Try to schedule outdoor activities in the early morning or late evening, not during the heat of the day. Keep your skin clean and maintain good hygiene. The overall idea is to keep your skin as cool and dry as possible.

What can I do to stop/prevent heat rash?

Heat rash. Heat rash is the body's normal response to constant heat exposure e.G, summer weather, caused by hyperactive sweat glands. Keeping yourself cool by fanning, staying out of the sun or living in a/c premises plus frequent bathing will help.

Well when I go to six flags I will get a heat rash within 3 hours how can I prevent this situation?

Heat Rash. Treatment of heat rash includes. Calamine lotion to soothe itching Anhydrous lanolin, which may help prevent duct blockage and stop new lesions from forming Topical steroids in the most serious cases.