Why does diarrhea cause cramping and abdominal pain?

DIARRHEA. Infectious lbm is accompanied by abdominal pain and occasional vomiting. Gi disturbance causes the sx.

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Sudden stomach pain went diarrhea and very black stool still having those mild abdomen cramps heard black stool is bad need to know please thx?

Black Stools. I would consult a gastroenterologist if possible. What you describe sounds like an episode of GI bleeding. At your age, I would be concerned about a bacterial infection, or some other pathogen. Regardless, I would follow up with your doctor.

I have had a few different times where I have severe abdomen pain feels like contractions. And then followed by diarrhea. Followed by more cramping.

Diarrhea. This sounds like some colon inflammation. It could be infectious, inflammatory bowel (Crohn's or Ulcerative colitiis), or some lesion extrinsic to the colon producing irritation leading to these symptoms. This needs evaluation professionally. Suggest you see a GI doctor. Best wishes.