Related Questions

And would you be more healthy by eating a very high protein diet?

Very high protein di. No! too high protein diet causes stresses to kidney. Balanced diet = carb-protein-greens and good lifestyle. If very active, long distance runner, endurance sports, protein timing before and after exercise if vital for better results and less consequences. Talk to trainer.

I want to build up his muscles. He works out regularly at the gym and eats a very high protein diet?

Muscles. Grow with adequate resistance exercises, followed by a period of rest. The breakdown and healing promotes growth, in presence of adequate diet.

Is a very high protein diet (35-50% total calories) dangerous for a weightlifter eating an unprocessed, produce dense diet?

Way too much! High protein diets are unhealthy. That is far too much. If you are not lifting 6 hours a day 5-6 days a week, 52 weeks a year, you cannot gain muscle mass. So eat more reasonable amounts.

I am on a high protein diet, can I eat small portions of bread?

Protein and bread. Hi, in general, moderation goes a long way. (i know, the term "moderation" is so overused and hard to define. Still...). A high-protein diet combined with a small portions of bread can be a useful approach to managing weight. You might consider using breads that are lower in glycemic load, such as sprouted wheat (or "flourless") breads (available at trader joe's or ezekiel brand).

I'm on a high protein diet, is it okay to eat small portions of bread?

No and no. Generally this is for weight loss. The diet works either by making people so miserable that they don't eat, or loss of some muscle glycogen, or changing the cues for eating. All of these will be messed up by even small amounts of bread. Furthermore, the whole question implies trying to get out of eating less and exercising more and how to bail out on dieting.

What to do if I am on the low carb high protein diet. Can I eat veggie patties from moring star?

At odds. Your low carb diet is, by definition, a high fat diet. Morning star is vegetarian, by definition low fat. You must make a choice: low fat or low carb. You can't do both at the same time. (i favor vegetarian, but you didn't ask!).

Will a high protein diet shed fat? .if I eat mini meals 5 times a day will I lose more weight. How muscle would I have if I've lifted for 26 yrs?

To lose. Weight you need to eat less and burn off more calories. High protein doesn't replace calorie restriction. 5 meals/day isn't better than 3 unless you reduce calories, which most people don't when eating 5 meals. There is no way to determine how much muscle you would have - it's too variable, Don't get your medical information from friends, tv or internet scams.