What are the causes of yellow diarrhea?

Bile. Bile, a fluid secreted by the liver to assist in fat absorption is often poorly absorbed when you have diarrhea. This liquid has a yellow-green color and is responsible for the yellowish-green color often seen with diarrhea.
May be normal. Yellow diarrhea is not necessarily a problem. It may be based on your diet and the transit time through the bowel. If it is associated with mucus or blood or there is a bad odor, check a stool sample. Color to the stool indicates the liver is working properly.

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I just had a hita scan done and when I got home I had yellow foul smelling diarrhea. Could these be related or if not what could cause yellow diarrhea?

Hida scan. Diarrhea has been reported after a hida scan when cholecystikinin is injected and especially if a fatty substance was administered by mouth for the test. This could also explain the yellow color of the stools. Either way this diarrhea should be self limited.