What kind of meds do they give for nephrotic syndrome?

ACE or ARBS. Nephrotic syndrome is when the kidneys spill an excessive amount of protein in the urine. This loss of urinary protein will lead to renal failure. So patients usually have to take an ace inhibitor like Lisinopril or an arb like cozaar (losartan). These medicines work to prevent this protein spill from occurring.

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Had nephrotic syndrome 12 yrs ago. Minimal change disease. Should I always be on bp drug to protect kidneys? I've been on Losartan and my new dr disc

See answer. Minimal Change Disease is one of the more common and treatable kidney diseases. >90% of patients respond to oral steroids, with most having a complete remission. However, >50% of the adults who go into remission will relapse at some point. A nephrologist is the best MD to follow you and determine what medications are best for you based on your BP, edema, renal function, urine protein amount, etc. . Read more...