What does the non-surgical facelift "quicklift" entail?

Quicklift explained. Quicklift is a facelift where sutures are used to address the smas layer of the face, providing good lift and long term suspension with less swelling than a traditional facelift. Non-surgical facelifts (i.e. Liquid lifts, etc) are done with a combination of fillers/volumizers. The two procedures address different problems (sagging vs volume) and best answer depends on your face and appearance.
Injections of filler. Aging leads to volume loss in the face. The skull shrinks as we age and the fat compartments in the temples cheeks and lower face diminish. By adding back volume with fillers such as fat, juvederm, radiesse, restylane, (dermal fillers) or belitero. A facelift is still worthwhile because it repositions the deeper structures of the face.
Quick lift = surgery. Non invasive lasers applied to the skin have been called non-surgical facelifts. Fillers and Botox can be used to improve your looks however they still require an injection. All other "facelifts" require surgery. A facelift cannot be done during lunch. There is discomfort with local anesthesia and there is post operative swelling and bruising.
Quicklift. Unfortunately you are misinformed. Quicklift is a real surgical procedure with cutting and removing skin and using circular loop suturing of the SMAS to lift the jowls and volumize the mid face. IT IS A SURGICAL PROCEDURE. Please look up the website and speak to a "quick lift" trained and certified surgeon for more information.
Unique to surgeon. i am not sure if this is a trademarked term but many physicians have used this to refer to variations of technique that include no -surgical and surgical approaches.
Dermal fillers. Typically non-surgical facelift involves the use of dermal fillers to volumize areas of the face that have lost volume. This addresses one aspect of the aging face, but does not treat skin excess and the downward descent of facial tissue. It certainly improves the signs of aging, but does not replace surgery.
Nothing special. Quicklift is a proprietary name for an uncomplicated (basic) face and neck lift performed under local anesthesia. There is nothing new or innovative about the operation. Some of their claims appear exaggerated to me, but you should judge for yourself.
A mini-facelift. The quicklift iis one of several facelift methods that use an internal suture to tighten the deeper smas layer beneath the skin (ask your surgeon), together with a relatively small amount of skin undermining. It is useful for the cheek, but does not correct a loose neck.
Quicklift. A non surgical facelift uses fillers, botox/dysport and/or lasers for rejuvenation. A quicklift is a trademarked procedure that is surgical. They say there is less recovery time. Be aware that this may just be a mini lift whose results look good for a year or two, then go away. If you want a facelift, do a proper one that will last. You won't regret it. Best, nima shemirani.
Quicklift is a trade. -mark, standardized operation done the exact same way regardless of the findings in any particular patient. In other words, it's cookie cutter approach that may or may not address the needs of any given patient. It was invented by an ER doc. It is very similar to the Lifestyle Lift- a company that just closed its doors. For a customized approach see an ASPS plastic surgeon- esp a member of ASAP.
Surgery. "Quicklift" is a mini-facelift. Trademarked by a dermatologist. Get better, longer results by a board certified facial plastic surgeon.
Modified Facelift. Although I have never performed a "quicklift", I am familiar with the procedure. It is essentially a modification of a standard facelift, using a shorter incision and generally permanent sutures to resupport the soft tissues of the face. In the right patient, the results can be quite good. Recovery should be shorter than a standard facelift. Lifestyle Lift and MACS Lift would also be options.
Minimal correction. Usually, the mini, quick, lunch-time lifts are not ideal for long term correction and full rejuvenation of the face. An alternative to the facelift, when the neck is ideal, are non-surgical facial fillers such as Radiesse, (dermal fillers) Juvederm, Voluma and Expression. Artistically, placed below the skin these products can lift, fill, sculpt and rejuvenate the mid and lower face. www.artofplasticsurgery.com.
Quick lift = surgery. The mini-lifts may be tough to choose from because of all the brand names such as lifestyle lift, s-lift, quick lift, litelift, macs and others. In many cases there are more similarities than differences between these procedures as they share the use of smaller incisions, quicker recoveries, and are often done under local anesthesia with oral sedation so that a general anesthetic is not needed.
Beware!!! A quick lift is a marketed name of a facelift developed by an emergency room physician. That's right... Do you want your plumber to fly the 747 you are on? Beware of surgeons touting franchised non facelifts. Franchised names distract the patient from what is really important ie the surgeon, their training and results. In general you will not find true plastic surgeons offering these. Beware!
Facelift. Fillers and Botox are noninvasive procedures that can smooth wrinkles. There is no no surgical technique that will equate the results of a facelift. Mini lifts are surgery, but less invasive facelifts that are indicated for those with early aging face.