What could have caused a shooting pain in my ear?

Spasm of muscles. Most often pain like that has nothing to do with the ear and everything to do with the muscles that move the jaw. Spasms of the jaw muscle can occur and cause sharp shooting pain which can be very intense only to go away quickly. Try to stay away from chewy and crunchy foods.

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Hello, I am a 48 year old female. 3 weeks ago I had an intense earache in my left ear. I also physically could not lay on it as well as shooting pain. My MD although no sign of fluid thought perhaps I had a sinus infection and prescribed an antibiotic. N

Earache. What you are describing is quite common. If your ear drum looked pretty normal, it isn't likely you have an ear infection. A sinus infection could cause ear pain, but you would also expect to have nasal congestion, facial pressure and/or pain as well as nasal discharge. You are more likely suffering from pain in your jaw joint. To make sure, you should really have an exam by an ear specialist. Read more...