What are some ways to relieve work stress at home?

It is hard to leave. the stress of work at the office, but here R a few tips: 1) talk 2 your spouse or a friend so they R aware of what U R dealing w' & can be supportive. 2) Take a break 2 relax even 4 just 5 mins. b4 returning home (i.e., listen 2 music on your commute, practice a relaxation technique before U come home). 3) Talk 2 a psychologist 2 learn stress management techniques or to improve job satisfaction.
Work Stress. Exercise aerobically 40 to 50 minutes 4 to 6 times a week, get a minimum of 7 hours sleep a night but try for 8, eat a plant based diet, maintain quality relationships and make sure you give to others as those that do generally have low stress levels. Also read the updated articles on stress and performance on the soundmindz.Org website. My best.
Stress management. I recommend 8 hours of sleep, possibly with the help of melatonin. Next i would look into guided imagery, deep breathing, yoga, prayer and meditation. These techniques are notable in the literature. Lastly, focus on the beautiful days ahead and rid your brain of any worries you cannot control. These negative thoughts are wasteful and lead to more stress.