What are premature ventricular contractions?

See below. Premature ventricular contractions or PVCs for short are extra beats from the lower chambers of the heart - the ventricles. Symptoms include skip beats and/or palpitations.
Early heart beats. Pvcs, are contractions of the large pumping chambers of your heart that occur before the top half of the heart signals the bottom half it is time to contract. Some people feel them, some don't. They can be harmless or they can be the first warning of an impending heart attack. If you have them, you need to be evaluated by your doc esp if you have risk factors, high bp, high chol, smoker, fam hx, .
PVCs. Premature ventricular contractions are basically extra beats originating from the ventricle-the lower chambers of the heart. Occuring in singles or couplets are usually benign.

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What is a premature ventricular contraction in your heart?

PVCs and MI. Premature ventricular contractions mean that there is irritability in the heart muscle and normal heart rhythm which starts from high up in the atria is inturrupted in some beats and those beats are originating in the ventricle. Bot it does not mean that it is directly due to mi. But you can get pvcs with mi. Occasional pvcs are not serious but if it comes from many foci and in runs it can be seriou.

Are premature ventricular contractions more dangerous than others? Thanks

Pvcs. Pvcs alone carry very little risk unless there is compromised heart function At that point the work up changes to asses quantity and consideration of eliminating the focus with ablation. Pacs from The atrium are also benign but increased frequency can be a warning for other arrhythmia S such as afib.

Are premature ventricular contractions normal if infrequent? And do they often times go unfelt?

Common. They are common, never normal altho typically benign. And yes, they can go undetected many times.
Palpitations normal. The short answer is yes and yes! Everyone gets occaissional missed beats or premature ventricular contractions, and if they are scattered and just a few, it is not a problem. If they are really annoying, a small dose of a beta blocker might relieve your symptoms. The only time premature ventricular contractions are dangerous is when they are coupled together and become ventricular fibrilation.
PVCs. Some runners have pvcs, have healthy hearts. Some with healthy hearts have symptoms with pvcs, and decide to use medication. Patients with unhealthy hearts, by blocked arteries, by muscle damage, or by electrical problems, and have pvcs, can be at increased risk for serious heart issues and need cardiology care. An ECG or holter monitor will test for pvcs and other heart rhythm issues.
Often normal. Almost everyone gets a few premature ventricular contractions (PVC's) every day. They are often unnoticed. It takes several thousand PVC's per day before there's any concern of leading to heart damage. Rarely, PVC's can be a sign of underlying heart conditions, so if you're concerned, or have chest pain, dizziness, shortness of breath, then see your doctor for reassurance.

I have premature ventricular contractions and I'm wondering if they were caused by anxiety.

No. Premature ventricular contractions or PVCs for short are extra beats from the lower chambers of the heart - the ventricles. Symptoms include skip beats and/or palpitations. In your age group, these beats originate from the outflow tracks. Anxiety can exacerbate the symptoms but are not the cause.

It shows I had over 35000 premature ventricular contractions in 24 hours while wearing a holter monitor, any med I should take?

Need evaluation. You have an excessive number of PVC's. If the monitor is accurate this is a potential health concern that can lead to development of a cardiomyopathy. You need a thorough evaluation. There are both medical and interventional treatments that will prevent future health concerns. You should see a cardiologist and or electrophysiologist for evaluation and management.
PVC. That means you have a PVC with every other heart beat. If there are rubs of ventricular tachycardia or or T on R phenomenon serious considerations should be given to medications.

Holter 48 hr showed 31 xtra beats from atria. If they cause premature ventricular contractions is it dangerous? Read that prexcitaion can cause death??

Atrial arrhythmias. Most probably you don't have preexcitation. You probably have atrial ectopics (extra beats) common with stress, caffeine, hormonal changes, lack of sleep. Rare for pre-excitation to cause death.