It is a problem if I have hep c and am pregnant?

Minimal risk. There is small risk, about 5-6%, of passing the hepatitis c to your baby. You should speak with your doctor about this during your prenatal care. There are also some precautions that should be taken after the baby is born to minimize potential exposure. Your child should also be tested for hepatitis c after 18 months of age.
Usually not . Hep c in pregnancy rarely needs treatment. Anti-virals don't protect the fetus, are contraindicated, and not needed if liver functions are normal. Avoid fetal scalp electrodes in labor and delay rupturing membranes for as long as possible. If lfts are abnormal, then you may need co-management with a GI doc and/or mfm. Good luck & make sure you get prenatal care.
Yes. The normal liver is "working overtime" during pregnancy to process everything metabolically. If it is not functioning properly due to hepatitis c, than the liver is taking "a vacation" at the worst possible time.