Is there a preferred insulin for diabetes type ii?

The first line. Treatment for diabetes is not insulin. It is first dietary and lifestyle changes, then various oral medications. The last would be insulin. There is no preferred type of insulin........

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Is there any connection between Prozac and diabetes? After being put on prozac, diabetes type II went out of control to the high side and it is still out of control even after switching to insulin (both long and short acting). Is there any connection betw

I. I am unaware of any clear association between Prozac (fluoxetine) and diabetes. Depression is more common in those with diabetes so anti-depressants are frequently prescribed for people with diabetes. Prozac (fluoxetine) tends to not cause weight gain. If you are convinced the Prozac (fluoxetine) increased your sugar (not at all likely) you can discuss stopping it and using a different anti-depressant. Some people get more motivated to test their sugar when their depression is better. I wonder if you are just testing your sugar more. If your a1c (the 3 month test of sugar control) went up a lot after the Prozac (fluoxetine) as compared to before the Prozac (fluoxetine) and you had no weight gain, that would suggest the Prozac (fluoxetine) did it. Discuss that with your doctor. See my blog post on exercise and depression and how to use Insulin below. Your doctor may benefit from reading the Insulin post.
The. The connection between Prozac (fluoxetine) and glucose level is not well defined, however, several animal studies showed increase glucose in the brain after administring fluoxetine. In humans however, the impact on glucose in individuals who have t2dm is actually lowered averge glucose and a1c, opposite to what you are stating. If your weight increased recently, this may explain (at least in part) your bs changes. See if you can discuss this further with your nutritionist/physician. Of note, high bs sometimes can be reactive and secondary to low bs so if you have any symptoms of hypoglycemia (such as sweating, dizziness, stomach pain), please do not hesistate to check your bs. Lastly, I suggest that you also check your bs at 2:00am for the next few nights to rule out nocturnal hypoglycemia. Good luck. Cayce t. Jehaimi, M.D., faap pediatric endocrinology & diabetes the children's hospital of southwest florida fort myers, fl, usa.