Is there a natural or holistic treatment in lieu of pharmaceuticals for hypertension?

Often. Mild to moderate hypertension often responds to weight loss, exercise, meditation and stress reduction.Acupuncture, nutritional changes, and biofeedback. One or more of these may well help.
Avoid toxic foods. Avoid sugars, fried foods, vegatable oils like canola & soy, meats that are cured wth nitrates & nitrites, aspartame, splenda, partially hydrogenated vegetable oils, maragarine, soy based products, sweetened beverages like juice & soda, microwaved foods, artificial colors & flavors. All of these products cause damage to the cells, tissues & organs in your body contributing to various diseases.
Multiple. More and more conventionally trained physicians recognize the value of healthy diet and exercise in regulating weight and blood pressure -- and include these in their treatment recommendations. If the degree of hypertension allows it, most doctors want patients to work on lifestyle issues before adding medications. Dr. Weil: http://www.Drweil.Com/drw/u/art00686/high-blood-pressure-treatment.
Hypertension. Agree. Also some with mild effects include magnesium and hawthorne, and most recently raw piistachios.
In many cases yes... How high is your bp?... In general, studies have shown that both pomegranate extract and garlic may help lower blood pressure. It is important to monitor your BP regularly and to consult with your physician and pharmacist before you any herbal supplements are taken. The quality of supplements variesoso please only use professional grade products such as those provided here: thebluecounter.Com.