How often should you go see a dentist for check ups?

Depends. Every six months if you have health teeth and gums. Sometimes every three to four months if you have been diagnosed with periodontal disease.
Every 6.... Months is the routine answer. Some may only need a once a year examination depending on their tooth decay history. But the general rule is every 6 months especially with the increasing prevalence of oral cancer rates. Better to be safe and go every 6 months.
A New Thought. The traditional dental model says 2 times per year.This is mainly as a result of insurance companies providing 2 exams and cleanings per year. Some patients choose to come in more often for at least a cleaning. Although this is a bit more costly and time consuming, for the patients who do this, it is way less expensive in the long run .Avoiding periodontal issues is the best way to keep your teeth.
Every 6 months. Every 6 months is the normal schedule for dental check ups. If you have any kind of periodontal problems, the hygienist may want to see you more often.
Every 3 month! It's the insurance company who says 2 times per year, but ideally you want to have your teeth professionally cleaned every 3 months. Studies have shown that bacterias that were removed during a prophy session comes back in about 3 months after. Unlike a prophy or.