How many visits to the dentist should it take to have a single tooth removed?

Probably 2. You will need to see your dentist or oral surgeon one visit to evaluate your medical history, go over what medications you are taking, evaluate your diagnosis to see why you need to have a surgical procedure done, take proper x-rays or evaluate x-rays that you brought to confirm diagnosis, then get a proper consent after you have discussed all the ramifications. Then 2nd appointment to properly do.
1-2 visits. Sometimes it takes only visit. Depends on the office, the schedule and the insurance. Do you need sedation? Usually for 1 tooth removal, a single visit is needed.
Once. After evaluation and diagnosis should take one visit to remove a tooth I usually do a follow up appointment in 7 to 10 days at which I remove stitches if they where placed at time of extraction.
1 vist extraction. Generally a single extraction can be accomplished in one office visit. If one has multiple complex co-morbid medical problems an initial consultation visit is useful to develop the safest treatment plan that takes into consideration possible special treatment requirements, specific anesthetic needs, pre-medication recommendations, etc.
One. This hsould be easily accomplished in one visit.
One visit. A dentist may require an evaluation visit prior to the procedure. So there may be a total of two visits.
Usually 1. Usually one, but sometimes it can take up to two visits either for preparation and them treatment or treatment and then post op evaluation after extraction.
One. Teeth are almost always removed in their entirety in one visit. In complicated cases where small pieces of a root tip may remain behind, those pieces may be removed later. The ideal is to remove everything, unless there is a very good reason to leave them behind.