How can I get my baby on a healthy sleep schedule?

Develop a pattern. Realize that babies are only aware of awake periods until >1yr& they sleep by drifting off like you do in a boring lecture. Use this to begin sleep training. Create a comfort place with soothing light &sound & use it for naps & nightime. Day:wake baby at the breast first, feed while strong, then do body maintaince & play while baby tires. Place back in zone for next cycle. At night baby wakes you.
Sleep Hygeine. To get a child on a good sleep schedule, we have to look at both bedtime and wake-up time. Toddlers, children and even teens need a bedtime routine that includes having all electronics out of the bedroom. Reading before sleep is the best way to unwind. They also need to get up at the same time every morning, 7 days a week. Even if they had a difficult, fussy night.