How do you relieve pain from swollen gums around wisdom teeth?

See your dentist. This is often a sign of an infection called pericoronitis. This usually results because the wisdom teeth can't erupt all the way. Other causes may be dental decay or periodontal disease. You should see your dentist to figure out exactly what is going on, but it probably means you need your wisdom tooth or teeth removed.
Painful wisdom teeth. Pain from swollen gums around wisdom teeth is caused by inflammation and is called pericoronitis. Temporary measures to relieve pain include salt water or antiseptic mouthwashes, nsaids like ibuprofen, and orajel. But the real answer to the problem is to have the wisdom teeth removed. This is a very common and straightforward operation done by an oral surgeon that is usually very well-tolerated.

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I have swollen gums from wisdom teeth. How can I get the swelling down besides salt water?

Extraction. Pericoronitis is a condition when gum surrounding the tooth is inflamed. It occurs frequently in the area of wisdom teeth, when a partial erupting posiiton causing inflammation and trauma to the gingiva (due to plaque collected, poor oral hygiene, and traumatic occlusion in the area). Extraction would be a definitive treatment. Good brushing and antibiotic is only for temporary relief.

Subsequent to wisdom teeth gum swelling and bump on inside cheek?

See dentist. You need to see a dentist to have the wisdom tooth and gingiva evaluated to determine proper treatment of the situation. You might need to have the tooth extracted. Don't procrastinate to allow the infection to spread and cause other problems.
Probably normal. I assume by your question you mean after wisdom tooth extraction. Those symptoms would be normal shortly after surgery. If more than a week has transpired since surgery, I would have the surgeon take a look.
Wisdom teeth. Sometimes wisdom teeth are valuable asset when healthy and properly aligned, but more often, they are misaligned and require removal. See your dentist for evaluation and x-rays.

I have like a swollen gum behind my last tooth. I'm 25 and have not gotten my wisdom teeth yet. Could that be it?

Yes. When wisdom teeth (third molars) begin to erupt, they cause an opening in the gum tissue above them. This opening can allow plaque (food debris, saliva and bacteria) to enter the area between the wisdom tooth and the gums. This can cause the gum tissue to swell and can lead to an infection. Rinsing with hot salt water and peroxide can reduce symptoms until the third molars can be evaluated.
Maybe. The only way to sure is to check with your dentist who can check the area, take an x-ray and tell you exactly what is going on.
Highly Probable. Swelling behind the last tooth in your jaw, especially in the lower jaw where a wisdom tooth has not erupted into the mouth is a very common occurrence. The presence of a wisdom tooth or other possible problem can be confirmed by a clinical exam and appropriate x-ray.
It is possible. Your 3rd molar maybe impacted and it could be causing the discomfort by pushing on the next tooth near the distal surface or root of the molar. Go for a dental check-up and have them evaluate the cause.
Swollen gum. Apart illy erupted wisdom tooth is certainly one cause of your swollen gum in the area. There are also other causes. It is important to see a dentist to find the cause and get it treated. It can get worse without treatment.
Wisdom Teeth. Sometimes wisdom teeth are valuable asset when healthy and properly aligned, but more often, they are misaligned and require removal. The removal of wisdom teeth is one of the most common procedures at ages 15-25. Get NSAIDs or Tylenol (acetaminophen) OTC and see your dentist for evaluation and x-rays ASAP.

My wisdom teeth have been taken out over a year ago but now my gums are swollen and painful. They aren't really red... Any suggestions?

Swollen gums. Seek attention from a dentist today May be gingivitis and you could benefit from antibiotics or may be other issues l.F/u with dentist.
Gingivitis? If it's been more than six months since your last check-up and cleaning, now's the time to make an appointment. You may have calculus in those hard to reach areas.
Gum disease. Swollen and painful gums can be a sign that you are at risk for, or already have, gum disease. Untreated gingivitis can advance to periodontitis and can eventually lead to the gap between the teeth, tooth loss and other health problems. See your dentist ASAP because the sooner you treat it the better the outcome.
Gingivitis. It sounds like you have not seen a dentist since your wisdom teeth were extracted. Swollen gums are a symptom to gum disease. See a dentist ASAP. Have you teeth and gums evaluated and get your teeth cleaned asap.

I have soar gums they are swollen around back teeth and feel like the are raw it hurts to chew and swallow, and I have no wisdom teeth?

Dental abscess. Dental infection due to tooth abscess, gum abscess or combination of both. See your dentist for evaluation, x-rays and treatment. You are always presented with a few options. Good luck.
Infection. The swelling of the gums, pain with chewing and swallowing suggests an infection that could be related to the tooth or a periodontal problem. You need to be evaluated by your dentist to determine the cause (s) of your problems in order that the proper treatment can be provided.
See dentist. Could be a lodged food particle, periodontal probem, infection, etc. You need a dental evaluation to sort things ou.
Sore gums. Inflammation and pain indicate infection, either gum or tooth infection. Hands-on dental treatment required or infection will worsen and spread. See Dentist immediately.

Wisdom teeth extracted already 10 years ago, I believe it has left behind a small piece of tooth, and my gland is swollen and gum inflammed, should I?

Yes you should. See a local dentist to determine whether or not a small piece of tooth was actually left. That may or may not be the case. There are a number of other possibilities as well. Swollen glands and inflamed gums are two reasons to have this evaluated as soon as possible!
See expert. May have gum disease. See your Dentist. Referral to a Periodontist may be prudent. "Small piece of tooth" may be a spicule of bone.

What do I do with the swelling. My gum swollened at the back of the molar and it's not wisdom teeth that cause it because I removed last year.

Have it examined. It may be food impaction, periodontal pocketing, or even an abscess from a necrotic nerve. Once the cause is determined, your local dentist will determine the proper course of care. Feel better soon.
Gingival abscess. I suspect that you have an abscess in the mouth, more specifically in the gum. See your dentist for evaluation and treatment.