How do I get rid of these zits on my forehead?

Topical treatment. Start with hydrogen peroxide (propa ph) and go from there. Acne is a tough disease and needs a multiple approach-keep your hair off, don't put your hands on the area, keep it very clean with anti-bacterial soap and if this is not enough-see a dr. We have rx meds to help.
Basics. Wash face w gentle cleanser 2x/day. Use oil free products on face. No heavy foundations. Don't squeeze pimples no oily hair. Avoid touching face (i.e., cradling chin in hands). Remove makeup before bed. Shower after strenuous exercise. Consider otc products (w salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide). If > mild acne see dermatologist.

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What are some home remedies to get rid of zits on my forehead?

Benzoyl peroxide. There is some improvment with benzoyl peroxide washes and topicals especially for inflammatory lesions. It is always better to see your dermatologist and get a skincare program designed for you.