How do I get rid of a big bump in my mouth?

See your dentist. Some conditions like big lump or bump in your mouth require further assessment and your primary care doctor may schedule a follow-up appointment or refer you to a specialist to determine a diagnosis. See your dentist first for evaluation.
Diagnose First. In order to advise you how to get rid of the bump, you should see your dentist to identify where the bump is and what type of bump it is. We can have bumps on or in the bone, as well as bumps in the soft tissues of the mouth. Your dentist can advise you on possible causes and what treatment may be indicated.
It depends. There may be many different reasons for a bump or swelling in the mouth. Some are painful and others are not. Some are due to infection, whiel others may be benigin growths of bone called tori. One could also have a benign or malignant tumor forming. My best advice is to see your dentist for an accurate diagnosis. Your dentist may refer you to an oral surgeon.