Are diarrhea and period-like cramping common signs of pregnancy?

Other signs present? A woman of childbearing age who has some nausea (with or without vomiting), some fatigue (feels less energetic), a sharper/stronger sense of smell, mild soreness/swelling of her breasts, and maybe some food aversions and cravings . . . Could be pregnant. Symptoms can occur before missing a period. Diarrhea can occur coincidentally with pregnancy symptoms, but is not considered a sign of pregnancy.
No. Diarrhea is not a common sign of pregnancy - in fact most pregnant women experience the opposite, constipation! Cramping can happen in early pregnancy, but can happen for many other reasons as well, such as getting your period, after vigorous exercise or sex.

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Go to Hospital. When you are having loose stools and cramping in pregnancy, it is important to make sure that your baby is Ok and that you are not dilating. Watch for baby movements and go right away to the hospital birthing center. All will be well. It is better to be safe. . Read more...