Do ureteroscopies work for a kidney stone?

Very well. Ureteroscopy is a very safe and reliable means of removing a stone. Either flexible or rigid ureteroscopy with or without laser lithotripsy should be effective 92% of the time.

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Do you have a ureteroscopy done to remove a kidney stone?

Yes. Scope can go from bladder all the way to kidney.
Sometimes. Number of kidney stones are amenable to trans ureteroscopic removal by laser lithotripsy or stone basket extraction if small enough. Alternatives are shockwave lithotripsty (eswl) or percutaneous nephro-lithotripsy (pcnl). Latter involves placing a tube through abdominal wall followed by a kidney-scope for stone breakup and extraction.

Is ureteroscopy a painful thing to go through. I have a 2mm kidney stone. Its in my left kidney. Its moved a lot its lower down my back.

Ureteroscopy. This treatment for many stones involves using a small scope to look into the ureter (kidney tube). The stone can be either removed or broken up with a laser. After surgery there may or may not be a stent. This is a thin, soft plastic tube to keep the ureter from closing. Either way, you can expect some burning with peeing, urgency/frequency to peeing, mild pain in the side or blood in the urine.

Hi, I have an 8mm kidney stone in my left kidney that has recently started giving me discomfort. Which procedure is best? SWL or Ureteroscopy?

Here are some... Nowadays, transureteroscopic laser stone-breaking with/without post-procedural stent is what I prefer, but the practice in managing symptomatic renal stone has evolved & changed and professional proficiency may sway how kidney stone could be handled. So, ask your urologist although through ureteroscopy is what I prefer. More? Contact me and I can help you.

Urologist wants ureteroscopy for 4mm kidney stone after 2 wks w/o passing. Pain rarely, but never terrible. Should I ask to wait? How long is safe?

Better to have the. Procedure. It would be better to have the procedure to get the stone out. It may be blocking the flow of urine from one kidney which predisposes it to infection and damage from back pressure.
Don't wait! Its unlikely that you will pass this stone on your own. Listen to the urologist. A chronic "blockage" of the urine by a stone is not good for your kidney's function.

Is 3 weeks too soon for ureteroscopy on 4mm kidney stone? I am in only mild pain intermittently. Wait or surgery? Don't want unnecessary surgery.

Good question. A 4 mm stone has a very good chance of passing over several weeks. You could wait up to 6 weeks if you continue to be comfortable.

In what circumstances would a doctor choose a ureteroscopy over shockwaves for a kidney stones?

ESWL vs. URETERO. While eswl treatment can be appled to stones in most parts of the ureter in addition to the more common renal position, ureteroscopy is sometimes the most assured way of treating and removing the stone and fragments in a single surgery. In short, size and location of stone determine most treatments.

Can ureteroscopy be done to remove kidney stones during pregnancy?

Not likely. This procedure requires anesthetic since it would otherwise be too painful. Unless there was a kidney obstruction it is unlikely a urologist would perform this procedure in a pregnant woman.