Can vaginal yeast infections spread to the anus easily?

Yes, if conditions rt. The yeast that causes the vaginal yeast infection is also normally in the stool. The close proximity of the areas allows cross contamination of the site & a possibility of a diaper rash like change around the anus. This is not likely to occur if the skin of the anus is healthy & dry but increases if raw & wet. Inflammation from scratching or bacterial infections can also lead to yeast overgrowth.

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What are some ways to prevent recurring vaginal yeast infections for someone who gets them quite easily (besides probiotic)?

Recurrent yeast. First, make sure you have had a normal fasting sugar level. You should always remain dry, getting out of the pool, etc. Change int dry clothes. See your physician and do not keep using over the counter meds and make sure you have the right diagnosis. Take all irritants away and lastly I use boric acid capsules made at the pharmacy twice daily for 10 days to change the vaginal ph to help.
Treat intestines! Recurrent vaginal yeast is usually caused by yeast overgrowth in our intestines, known as intestinal candidiasis, a common side effect of antibiotics & hormones. This is treated with a low starch diet, probiotics & antifungal drugs or herbs. See http://www. Huffingtonpost. Com/dr-mark-hyman/yeast-infection-symptoms_b_657354.Html & http://bit. Ly/1aeoabl.

Treated vaginal yeast infection last week. Have noticed occasional itching around anus. Did my yeast infection spread? How do I treat it?

Yeast infections. There are a number of good antibiotics which kill yeast. Ask your OB to prescribe an oral antifungal medicine for you. Cannot do that on this website.

Does yeastrol help to relieve vaginal yeast infections?

Yeast meds. As long as you have canida, any over the counter medicine containing Nystatin will work.

Is it possible for vaginal yeast infections go away on their own?

CANDIDIASIS. Very common side effect after antibiotic rx. Patients always come for rx. Maybe it can go away but you will know it due to vaginal itching.