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I am getting a big reaction to my new birth control pills. Big mood swings, weight gain, and my breasts have gotten significantly larger. Normal?

Should get better. If you have just started the pill, your symptoms may be normal. As your body becomes accustomed to the hormones in your pills, your symptoms should get better. If your symptoms have not resolved by the end of your third or fourth pack of pills, then you may need to change to a different pill.
Change Pills. Go with a lower estrogen dose pill if you are not already on the lowest.

I'm gona marry soon, doctor says not gud to tak birth control pills coz I hav cysts in my breast, wht u advise me 2 prevent pregnancy without condom too?

IUD. An intrauterine contraceptive device may be the best choice for someone in a mutually monogamous relationship that desires long-term, reliable reversibe contraception. Talk to your gynecologist to see if Mirena (levonorgestrel) or paragard could work for you, .

My breasts are really hurting, just touching them hurts. What could this be? Pregnancy? Weight gain?

Painful breasts. This may be due to your hormonal cycle. Other possibilities are ill fitting bra, obesity, early pregnancy.

Why do so many people complain of birth control pills causing weight gain? Is this a legitimate issue or is the pill being blamed unjustly?

Further data. Has come to suggests that weight changes (particularly gain) are minimal on oral contraceptives. Later data seems to suggest that this is more of a perceived problem and that if there is weight gain, it's minimal and more related to fluid retention. Unfortunately, its a bit of myth going back to when birth control contained much higher doses of estrogens which can lead to increased appetite.

Is sam e safe? Does it cause any weight gain and can I take it with progestin only birth control pills? Thanks

SAM e. Supplementation with s-adenosylmethionine (sam-e), has also been promoted as treatment for osteoarthritis. A meta-analysis of rcts (randomized controlled trials) found that sam-e is as effective as nsaids in reducing pain and disability, and has a better safety profile. I did not see any evidence that it causes weight gain. Whether it has any interaction with progestin based ocp's is not known.