Are underactive thyroid & high blood pressure associated with chest pains?

Hormone replacement . Coronary artery disease and hypothyroidism are seen together in many patients. When thyroid hormone replacement is initiated, esp in older adult patients, and not done very slowly, then BP can go up, angina can occur, heart arrhythmias, and even heart attacks can happen.
If you have . Hypothyroidism, you can gain weight over time. This can then result in high blood pressure.

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Can high blood pressure cause extreme fatigue and some chest pains?

Go to ER. The blood pressure does not cause this but its possible your pressure is up due to underlying cardiovascular disease. This can cause fatigue and chest pain as well. In this case you should see a doctor right away. Go to an urgent care or ER as soon as possible. This could be early signs of a heart attack. Read more...