When is endoscopy used in GERD patients?

GERD. I usually scope gerd patients to diagnose complications (strictures, barrett's, cancer) and when patients don't respond to typical antifeflux meds.
See below. Endoscopy is indicated in patients with a long history of reflux to screen for precancerous changes (barrett's esophagus.). It is also used to investigate worrisome associates symptoms including swallowing trouble, vomiting, upper abdominal pain, black tarry stools, weight loss, early satiety and reflux which doesn't respond to medications. Uncomplicated gerd does not require endoscopy.

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Is it an endoscopy side effect to have mild chest pain and an increase of heartburn after this procedure? I have never been GERD patient.

Endoscopy. It is possible to have chest pain and heart burn after an endoscopy because of the mechanical trauma to the esophagus and junction of the endoscopy tube. Generally we give antacids and h2 blockers or other agents after the study to minimize this if anticipated. Read more...
Yes. If there is irritation of esophagus and stomach this is possible. You should review with your physician to make sure no other processes are at play. Read more...