After giving birth when is it normal to resume sexual activity?

Feel ready. It's normal whenever the woman feels ready, although intercourse is mostly discouraged until 6 weeks. Many women take longer to feel ready, there's no harm in that.

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When can someone resume sexual activity after myomectomy?

CALL YOUR DOCTOR. Who did the surgery, your doc should have already told you when it will be safe to have intercourse as your doc knows u and how the surgery went and how u did post op, I tell this to my pts before they go home so please call your doc this weekend to ask.

Can I resume sexual activity after having a testicular hydrocele removed?

Yes. Yes, but let yourself heal a little so you don't tear open stitches. Ask your doctor how long to wait (it will depend on how big and whether any hernias were repaired at the same time) but usually I let my patients try after two weeks as long as they aren't into "olympic sex" i.e. Hanging out of windows! If your body says, "no, " wait longer.
Yes, after healing. After pain tenderbness and swelling have subsided.

Hi dr my husband has had a bypass surgery 7 weeks ago is it safe to resume sexual activity?

Thats a. question I would refer back to his cardiologist. I'm sure resumption of sex is important so I would be reluctant to give you an answer with out knowing the extent of his cardiac disease.
Probably OK. Check with your cardiologist, as everyone's condition is different. However, if he is exercising in a cardiac rehab class and doing well with this and there are no other significant problems or limitations, at this point it may be safe to resume sexual activity.