Hollow chest cavity, racing heart rate, murmur. Related?

Maybe. Pectus excavatum is more common in folks with marfan-like illness, who in turn are more likely to have "barlow" degenerative mitral valve disease which in turn predisposes a person to supraventricular tachycardia. Your physician may give you an rx, but ask also about getting into really good aerobic shape to manage the svt -- generally this works great and may keep you off meds.

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I have resting heart rate-90-120, loud systolic heart murmur, breathlessness, lung function just below 80% + nausea/reflux. What cud be wrong? Age 21.

Murmur. Those findings could be associated with a number of heart problems. You should see a dr. And be evaluated.
See your doctor. The murmur may indicate a valve problem, or a septal defect (hole in the heart) or another congenital heart abnormality. An echocardiogram would be a good place to start after an examination.

What to do if I have random pressure/moderate pain in my upper left chest area and shortness of breathe and a racing heart rate?

See your doctor. This question, and the issues it might be are very complicated. You should see your doctor for evaluation. If this is an acute issue you might want to go to the emergency room at the hospital.

I have a heart murmur and an irregularly fast heart rate, what does this sound like?

Murmur. It sounds like you need to be checked by your doc or a cardiologist. One possibility is valve disease and atrial fibrillation. There are many possibilities.
It may be you. Are having an arrhythmia. Are you hypertensive? Diabetic? Smoker? Obese? Heart disease? Get an ekg and an evaluation by a doctor to r/o atrial fibrillation and/or premature ventricular contraction as a cause. Good luck.

Resting heart rate of 90-100, pulse feels slightly uneven & skips occasionally. Should I worry? Have been told I have pvcs & murmur years ago.

Cardiologist. A cardiologist would be best to advise you about the pvc's and heart murmur. A 24 hour holter monitor would give information about whether the pvc's are benign appearing and only occur singly rather than in couplets or runs which often need treatment. In the meantime avoid alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine. Has your thyroid status been checked?
PVCs. You need an ekg and holter. If you have pvcs >10% of total heart rate in 24 hours then you will be at risk for developing tachycardia induced heart failure. Underlying causes of pvcs should be identified and treated. You need full physical exam, and workup. Consult your physician to get electrolyte check up, ekg, holter and echo.

I have a heart murmur but my doctor told me it was extremely loud and protruding thorough my neck. I've been having palpalations and a fast heart rate?

Heart murmur. Heart murmur radiating to the neck generally indicates narrowing of the aorta. I suspect your doctor scheduled some follow up testing. Palpitations and a racing heart beat could be related if the heart is having difficulty pumping blood through a tight valve. It is important that you review any educational material provided by the doctor and proceed with the upcoming work-up.

My husband has a heart murmur. Sometimes he blacks out when his heart rate gets to high but come back in seconds. How can I keep calm during these?

Cardiology consult. This condition should be checked by a cardiologist to determine the cause of his blackouts. It is possible that he has an irregulat heartbeat which can sometimes be regulated with the use of medicine (s).