What is transfuion rlated acute lung injury (trali)?

Rare transfusion rxn. Trali is a rare reaction to transfused plasma or platelets. It happens when the donor has formed antibodies to white blood cells. When the transfusion is given, the antibodies attack cells in the person receiving it, causing microscopic injury to the lungs. The can result in breathing difficulties and the need for a ventilator for a period of time.

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What exactly is transfuion related acute lung injury (trali)?

It can be really bad. It's thought to be immune mediated. It usually occurs within 6 hours of receiving a blood product (red cells, platelets, cryoprecipitate, or plasma) and has a mortality rate approaching 10% in some studies. It causes significant pulmonary edema usually requiring intubation. It usually resolves in 2-4 days with just supportive care alone.

Are there any known ways to treat transfusion related acute lung injury?

Supportive care. The good news is that trali is treatable. Prevent more damage by reducing the tidal volume on a ventilator and gradually reduce oxygen to minimum. Reduce amount of water. Keep the lungs dry. The lungs will recover with rest. There is no specific medicines.
Time. Supportive care, avoiding further transfusions, and time are the best therapies. Steroids can be used, but the evidence for their effectiveness is lacking.