What is the best and fastest home remedy for acid reflux?

Eat well. Changing your diet to avoid trigger foods and sticking to a bland diet is a good start. Sometimes however meds may still be needed and getting checked out by a dr., good luck.
Baking soda. There are multiple over-the-counter products available to treat heartburn but if you are asking about things already in the house then 1-2 tbsp of baking soda in a glass of water would be the quickest, most effective remedy.

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Which is the quickest home remedy for acid reflux?

Avoid food triggers. Following home remedies have been re commended 1organic baking soda 2raw apple cider vinegar 3 organic aloe vera juice 4malox or myelenta if available but best is to avoid tha food triggers like chacolate, mint, tomatoes, oranges, caffeine, smoking and chewing tobaco, alcohol, large fatty meals.Fried foods, carbonated drinks, hot and spicy food and dairy like milk. Read more...

I need to know what's an effective home remedy for acid reflux?

Antacids. Antacids counter the burning acid from an overproduction by the stomach to deal with a fatty or heavy meal, alcohol, or medications. Chewable antacids are quick, but may need to be taken repeatedly until symptoms abate. Combinations with gaviscon protect the stomach by coating the surface, and can be taken in anticipation of problems from a notorious "trigger" meal or holiday tradition. Read more...