Related Questions

I started my birth control pills mid August, got my period in September but missed it in October. I've also had breast tenderness, bloating, etc. Could I be pregnant?

You may need to. Get a pregnancy test a bit later on. People on birth control pills should not become pregnant but the protection is never 100%. So there is a finite chance that despite on birth control pills you may become pregnant. I would ignore breast symptoms and bloating as probably nothing to worry buy missing a period can not be ignored. Wait one more week and then get tested for pregnancy. Good luck.

Does breast tenderness as a side effect of birth control pills go away over time?

Usually Yes. Many women experience breast tenderness on ocps. For most, it usually does diminish with time. One way to decrease the breast side effects are to use a pill with a lower dose of estrogen.

Started 2nd month of birth control pills when had unprotected sex, had period but it was light. Now feeling tired, nauseated and breast tenderness.

Unprotected. Intercourse will ultimately lead to pregnancy. Do a home pregnancy test now. Consult with your gyn re: definitive BC if not pregnant. Classic signs of pregnancy would be missed cycles, early morning nausea/vomiting, breast pain or fullness and weight gain. Time to see your GYN.