How long after breast tenderness does your period begin?

Varies. It varies alot in individual women, anywhere from a few days to a week. Breasts swelling +/- tenderness is very common around menstruation; swelling and bloating is usually lowest right after your period is done.

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Is it normal to not feel breast tenderness before your period?

Yes. If all of a woman's hormones are in balance between estrogen & progesterone, breast tenderness usually is not a problem. However, if estrogen is dominant & Progesterone slightly inadequate, breast tenderness can occur due to the estrogen being produced during that cycle.
Yes. While many women experience tenderness, pain and swelling in their breasts before their menstrual period, many women have none of these symptoms - both situations are normal.
PTSD. Trazodone or beta-blockers have been tried with some success. Discuss with your doc.
BP & Football. One concern is if u exhaust yourself or sweat a lot, u might get dizzy, part of which is related to lowering your BP from the meds. Consult with your doc.
Splitting pills. Always consult your prescribing doctor before u make any changes.

Is it normal to get tender breasts 11 days before your period?

Breast tenderness. Breast tenderness is a common symptom in women before their periods. The hormones estrogen and progesterone vary throughout the menstrual cycle, and these changing levels can cause breast tenderness for some women.
It is common. It is not uncommon for some tender breasts a few weeks before period. When you ovulate and there is a change in the hormones some tenderness can occur. If the period is severe or does not disappear after your period follow up with provider.

Is it normal to have severe tender breasts 15 days before your period?

Yes. Could be but should be evaluated for treatable causes. Magnesium, B12, decreased salt, vit e may be helpful.

Can sex itself throw off your period? I'm 2-3 weeks late but don't have any earlypregnancysigns except bloating/eating/ and today I got tender breasts

Possible to be preg. The tenderness of the breasts, especially if you notice the veins showing more clearly, is often a sign of pregnancy. Of course, the other things you mentioned may also be, but they may also be premenstrual symptoms. Might want to take a test. Good luck.