Does my baby need vaccines if I am breastfeeding?

Absolutely. Breast milk is a wonderful source of immune factors for the infant. But, the transferred immunity is far from a perfect shield against infection. Immunizations safely help boost the baby's immune system to protect against serious life threatening diseases, such as whooping cough and hib disease.
Yes. Your baby can use special proteins in your milk called anitbodies to fight off bacteria and viruses. These swallowed proteins help protect your baby, but they only last as long as you're breastfeeding. When you baby gets a vaccine his body makes his own antibodies which gives him stronger protection that lasts for years to come. So its best to breastfeed and immunize.
Yes. Babies need to get their vaccines, regardless of whether they are breastfeeding or bottle feeding.
Yes. Breastmilk has very important maternal antibodies to help your baby fight off some infections in the beginning of their life but it does not protect against the diseases that vaccines do. It is very important for your child to get his/her vaccinations on time in order to have the best immunity against serious diseases.