Is there a difference between GERD and a hiatus hernia?

Yes. Gerd is gastroesophageal reflux disease or reflux. You can have reflux and not a hiatal hernia. You can also have a hiatal hernia, which could make your reflux worse. A hernia is an enlarged opening in the diaphragm where the esophagus comes through into the abdominal cavity. With a hh, the stomach can slide up into the chest. You can have a hh without reflux. Most often, they go together.
Yes. A hiatus hernia is the stomach protruding up in to the chest above the bottom of the lungs. This is a common contributing factor to gerd. Gerd is the presence of stomach acid for extended periods of time in the esophagus (swallowing tube) leading to symptoms such as heartburn, coughing or a sensation of fullness in the throat.

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Could it be hiatus hernia that is causing gerd?

Yes. A hiatal hernia can be a cause of food reflux into the esophagus causing heartburn or esophageal injury or esophagitis. Other people with reflux can be from a weakness in the muscle at the junction of the stomach and esophagus without hiatal hernia.

What is easy and economical method of diagnosing hiatus hernia? Does GERD means high possibility of hiatus hernia.

Radiologic imaging. Gerd often does accompany a hiatal hernia, but can also occur without an hh. Gerd can be related to diet & eating habits. Hh is usually diagnosed with a radiological study of some sort, such as a barium swallow, ct scan or mri. Other tests might be recommended to further characterize the problem, such as endoscopy, ph measurements or esophageal pressure measurements.
Upper GI. Probably the least invasive and most economical method to diagnose a hernia is an upper gi. In this test, you drink contrast material and x-rays are taken as it goes down your esophagus into your stomach. A hiatal hernia can be seen. Most people with a hiatal hernia have reflux but the majority of people with reflux do not have a hernia.

I'm 16 years old and have gord/gerd and hiatus hernia, what to do?

Two options. You can certainly try antiacid medication or antireflux medication but this may not work or you may require being on this medication for the rest of your life. Surgery is a option to repair the hernia and wrap the stomach to prevent reflux.

I have sliding hiatus hernia with GERD grade c diffuse gastritis, rut positive?

Anti-acid therapy. Sounds like you need some antacid therapy to start. This should help both the gerd symptoms and the gastritis. Make sure to ask if you have H. Pylori infection as a cause of the gastritis. This needs to be treated with antibiotics as well. Forget about the hiatal hernia unless it becomes very large. Hope this helps!

Do small hiatus hernia (2cm) usually grow larger? No heartburn, no gerd at all.

Do HH grow? Hello~ yes over a long period of they tend to get larger depending on whether they are "sliders" or "rollers" the latter tending to enlarge earlier. Thanks.

I have a small hiatus hernia. No gerd or heartburn at all. Shud I be worried? Scared to go gym and do weights as it could worsen it? Thanks

Hiatal hernia. A small asymptomatic hiatal hernia is of no clinical significance at all. You do not need to limit your workouts in any way. If you start having symptoms of acid reflux, try antacids. If they do not work, then see your doctor, Good luck.

Gastrointerologist thinks my GERD caused by hiatus hernia, endoscopy next week to check, is hiatus hernia dangerous? Will I die of it? Complication?

Hiatus hernai. Uncommon for a young man but your endoscopy will find out if anything is wrong. If so, appropriate management will be given. No, unless there is some major issue - not very likely- you are not going to die for many decades. Hope all goes well.