Related Questions

Sleeping problems. I wake up almost every night with my heart racing and short of breath. My cardiologist didn't say much about it. What causes this?

Hard to say. Directly ask your cardiologist or your primary care doctor about this. Many things some harmless and some not could be involved.
Anxiety? Most likely cause is anxiety at your age. Other possibilities include an arrhythmia or sleep apnea. Testing in your home can help sort it out (holter, nocturnal oximetry).

Waking up short of breath, sweating and heart racing or beating slow/hard. Also constant tachy. Doc just says stress but I know theres something wrong?

Panic attacks. I assume your cardiac workup is negative? Panic disorder can cause such attacks in sleep as well as daytime, but some have them more at night. It is more than "stress" alone because the episodes may seem to come out of the blue, with no clear trigger. There is still good treatment with a combination of medications and psychotherapy. Http://tinyurl. Com/32guos.