How to increase blood pressure and pulse fast in someone feeling faint?

Reflex. If your pressure is inadequate to sustain organ perfusion, the bodies alarm system (sympathetic nervous system; fight or flight) send out the message to speed up the heart rate and constrict the blood vessels. If feeling feint, lieflat on back, elevate legs on a chiar or pillow to ease blood flow return centrally.

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Hi, I'm 13 weeks expecting twins, suffering with low blood pressure, going dizzy and feeling faint. Is there anything that can help?

Hydration. You should try to take in a lot of fluids, it could also be related to low blood sugar, and eating should help. You should see your doctor to make sure that there is no other cause for these problems.
Yes. Compression stalkings can be helpful for syncopal symptoms which you are describing.

Hi, my pulse is very weak. I've been suffering lately from orthostatic tachycardia and faintness and had heart tests done but the very weak pulse is new with more frequent chest and jaw discomfort.

Too compicated. This is not an issue to be addressed on the internet. You need a good cardiologist or an internist with good cardiovascular knowledge to see and manage you aggressively. Could not even begin to answer your question (if I knew what it was) without full records, exam and testing.
Chest pain. Did you have a stress test done as part of tests? Did you have blood tests to rule out heart attack? You should go to er if these symptoms are happening again because you could have a serious heart disease going on.
The root cause. The best thing to do is to find the root cause before any procedure. You might benefit from a session of multifunction cardiogram to seek the diagnosis first! Http://en. M.Wikipedia. Org/wiki/multifunction_cardiogram.

Blood pressure 168/105. What need to be done and does it cause dizziness and lightheadness. And feeling faint. Or fatigue after wards.

You need evaluation. A 23yo woman with extremely high blood pressure needs a medical evaluation. You are setting yourself up for kidney failure, stroke, heart attack and a life time of problems. Get medical attention and treatment as soon as possible. You will have more symptoms of fatigue, lightheaded etc. If you go untreated than you will if you are well managed by a medical professional.