How does a doctor get fetal fast heart beat to go down?

Depends on cause. Several things can cause a fast fetal heart rate. Need to assess the baby to determine if there are any signs of distress or danger including umbilical cord issues, fetus heart issues, fetus position in womb, issues with placenta to name a few. Also need to assess Mom to see if she is having any issues/problems that may be affecting baby's heart rate. Hope this was helpful. Dr R.
Medications. Digoxin is commonly used as first line therapy in cases of fetal tachyarrhythmias of pathological etiology (rare conditions). Other antiarrhythmics used for fetal tachyarrhythmias: sotalol, flecainide.

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Need doctor's help! Will ibuprofin cause fast heart beat?

Heart rate. Ibuprofen is not known to cause palpitation (fat heart beat) but can cause bleeding and bleeding can lead to anemia and anemia can cause palpitation.

I am 20 years old and have been having a really fast heart beat with blacked out vision and will break out in a cold sweat. Should I see a doctor?

Yes. See an md right away. Your symptoms definitely sound heart related. Many conditions can cause a rapid heart rate and its important to have an accurate diagnosis so treatment can be started.
Yes. Your symptoms sound heart related. You will need a complete physical, ekg, and lab work to rule out medical conditions like thyroid disease. Your doctor may want to place you on a holter monitor to 'capture' the fast heartbeat, and prescribe medications to keep your heart rate under control, or treat any underlying medical conditions. See a doctor asap!

Dear doctor, can u please suggest me remedy for post effect of red eyes, fast heart beat and light swelling for some time after I drink beer or whisky b?

Allergic reaction. Benadryl (diphenhydramine) is great for allergic reactions but when mixed with alcohol would be very sedating. The simply solution is to avoid alcohol for now and see an allergist who can determine what you are actually allergic to. They may be able to treat you for that allergy and you should have no more issues. Continued consumption of alcohol could lead to worsening reactions.
Alcohol Allergy. It sure sounds like you are allergic to alcohol and should consider not drinking.

I've missed my 12wks fetus doc sees no heart beat they are going to abort it I also have rt. Adnexal cyst 4.4x5.2cm? What should I do about both prblms.

So sorry. Sorry for your loss. Miscarriages are very difficult, especially that far along. I agree that a procedure is best to evacuate the uterus, a spontaneous miscarriage that far along can lead to quite a bit of bleeding. As far as the ovarian cyst goes, I would probably hold off, because cysts often come up in pregnancy, then resolve themselves. And that would be a much bigger procedure. Good luck.
Follow. Your dr advice. Doc will do a d;c to remove all parts of conception and clean out uterus. Talk to your OB and ask if this cyst is anything to worry about. It did not contribute to your miscarriage. I'm sorry for your great loss.

Waiting for m/c as no fetal heart beat (6/8 w). Hcg levels on 01/27 @ 15, 000. On 01/29 @ 14, 000. Doc concerned drop is too slow. What could this mean?

Miscarriage. Sorry to hear about your miscarriage. If you do not want to wait to pass the tissue naturally then you have the option of surgery. A d and c is a very easy surgery that can be done for miscarriages.