Is acid reflux a serious disease?

Yes. Acid reflux leads to as much lost work time and impaired quality of life as heart disease or major depression. It can also lead to serious complications such as strictures or pre-cancerous changes.
Acid reflux. It could be . It can cause Barretts esophagus which predisposes to cancer, may be associated with H pylori, a bacteria, leading to ulcers, which can lead to bleeding. Other related conditions are sinusitis(with headaches/dizziness), asthma( reflux into lungs),celiac disease/food intolerances( causes reflux). Abnormal conditions should be evaluated by a physician, monitored/treat.

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I have a inlet patch outside my stomach in my esophagus and it causes severe acid reflux disease. How can inlet patch be repaired?

Reword your question. Unclear what an "inlet patch" is that you refer to. Do you mean a gastric band, angelchik prosthesis, or some improvised repair. If you had prior surgery go see your primary surgeon- or get your complete records and seek a second opinion. Read more...

Have severe anxiety/panic disorder. On really anxious days I get very bloated and have indigestion/acid reflux. Is it normal for anxiety to cause this?

Often related. Try not to think of 'cause' as much as 'related'. These combined problems can be a good way to get people to seek help for overall better health. Harder to ignore when it spreads. Have a full exam and consider Tx that includes good psychotherapy too. It makes a BIG plus in results! Fell better soon w/ help. Read more...