Why are av canal defects associated with? Down syndrome?

Patterns. The extra chromosome in every cell causes confusion in the formation of every complex organ system of the body. The heart is quite complex, and the AV canal defect is more or less a failure of the heart to complete itself (the walls between chambers form near the end of the normal process).The pattern of facial features, hand features, etc all represent this pattern of interference in formation.
Yes. While not every baby with down syndrome has this heart condition, it is one of the most common heart defects associated with ds. It is generally quite easy to diagnose once the baby is born.

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Av canal defect, can this cause down syndrome?

Other way around. Atrioventricular (av) canal defect is a relatively common congenital heart defect in children born with down syndrome. Down syndrome "causes" av canal defects, not the other way around. Av canal defect is a major congenital anomaly with the potential to cause severe symptoms. However, in most cases, av canal defect can be repaired. High levels of surgical skill is important for best outcomes. Read more...

What do you do about an av canal defect in a child with? Down syndrome?

Surgey. The timing of repair depends on the health of the child and the degree of the defect. Your cardiologist and surgeon can discuss these options in more detail. Read more...