Why does? Impending heart attacks cause excessive sweating on the forehead?

Signs: Heart Attack. One of the most common symptoms of an acute heart attack is diaphoresis or excessive sweating. The other common symptoms include chest pain, numbness extending into the jaw and left arm, and nausea. That is for a man. Women may have less obvious symptoms and should be even more aware if there appears to be something wrong. But, yes excessive and acute sweating is part of the syndrome.

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Can congenital heart disease and impending heart attacks cause excessive sweating, esp. On the forehead?

Heart attack. Excessive sweating is a catecholamine response to stress, .
Adrenaline. Anytime the heart is not functioning normally, the body can react by having excessive responses from the nervous and endocrine systems. As a result, faster heart rates, changes in blood pressure and sweating can occur, common to the classic fight-or-flight response. Excessive sweating for no apparent reason can be a red flag to warn about a heart attack even before any chest pain.

Bad On/off pain in chest through to shoulderblade&jaw lasts a few mins, not severe inc heavy head sweats. Dont think heart attack but concerned. What cou?

Serious symptoms. This is a serious situation. You are having symptoms that could indicate that you are having blockages in the arteries around your heart and at risk for a heart attack. You should go to the closest ER if you have pain again or see a primary care doctor or cardiologist as soon as possible.

I am having a problem with excessive sweating I take lisinopril and atenolol I am 62 years old with family heart problems?

BP meds and sweat. Neither atenolol or Lisinopril are associated with sweating as an adverse effect. See the doctor who ordered them for you for more information about your sweating problem. Good luck.

Experiencing rapid heart rate (worsened by: psychological stress). HR around 115 when I wake up. Excessive sweating while exercise. Reason?

Get seen. The heart rate itself isn't a danger. How much you sweat is personal. You may get a Holtor monitor, labs to screen for a pheochromocytoma, and a good EKG. I'm simply glad that you're exercising. Keep that up. You may well be fine. Best wishes.