Do I have to undergo an upper GI endoscopy and biopsy to determine if I have barrett's esophagus?

Yes. Barrett's is a histological diagnosis. Tissue can look abnormal at endoscopy but a biospsy will confirm and exclude dysplasia (precancerous changes).
Yes. The diagnosis of barrett's esophagus is made by both endoscopic appearance of the mucosa of the esophagus as well as pathological features found on biopsy of the abnormally appearing mucosa. Additionally, these findings must be confirmed by repeat upper GI endoscopy before a diagnosis can be made.

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I just had an upper GI endoscopy for schatzki ring. A biopsy was taken for a possibly thickened esophageal mucosa. What is the purpose of the biopsy?

To make sure. There is not a concerning problem. Remember, there are many times something that appears abnormal may not be anything concerning when looking under a microscope.
Rule out cancer. A Schatzki ring is a narrowing of the lower esophagus that is caused by a ring of mucosal tissue that normally lines the esophagus. Since it occurs at a place in the esophagus that is also affected by reflux and may resemble Barrett's esophagus, which is inflammatory, biopsy can help distinguish the variety of pathologies that can be found in this area.

I had an upper GI endoscopy and two biopsies which all came normal yet doc still wants me to take Nexium (esomeprazole) for a week why is that?

Better to ask doc. It is wonderful that your biopsies were negative, but that does not mean you don't have some evidence of reflux induced problems. People don't get scoped without some suggestive symptoms. If mild, your best treatment may be avoiding aggravating factors like nicotine of caffeine, and feeding before sleep. An otc product like Prilosec may help, or the doc may want extra coverage after the biopsies.

I had a upper GI endoscopy which revealed modularity at ge junction they have sent the samples for biopsy I'm really worried its 4 days wait to go..

Patience. It is worse if any of us says anything we know nothing about, it will only give your more anxiety. You are young and cancer is less likely, should alleviate your anxiety. Just wait and discuss with your doctor.

I had an upper GI endoscopy done yesterday. Everything was normal but the doc took biopsy of the stomach and duodenmum why would that be?

See below. There are times that what he sees as normal may not be microscopicaaly for instance. The organism h pyloris can cause minor gastritis but can be seen under the microscope.
Endoscopy. Gaviscon, otc Prilosec & Tums (calcium carbonate) use indicate previous stomach or duodenum gastritis or ulcer. The biopsy is done to see any h. Pylori infection and the status of stomach and duodenum layers. Wish you good health.

I just got an upper GI endoscopy and a biopsy was taken of my ulcers and sent to the lab. The doctor didn't mention cancer, would they still test it?

Yes. All biopsies are tested and if abnormal will tell the kind of results, ask your dr. For a copy of the results for your records in case you move somewhere and years later need another endoscopy or just ask him /her for the report and explain it.
They will comment. When a tissue sample's sent from an organ like the stomach the pathologist receiving the specimen is well aware of the possibility that the sample could be from any number of places such as an ulcer, an abscess or infection, & it certainly could come from an area of cancer and so they will look for anything that is suspicious along those lines. Questions? Write me at: www. Healthtap. Com/drsaghafi.