What part of the body does scarlet fever attack?

Throat+ system. Some strains of strep have additional genes that code for making a toxin that spreads thru the blood & gives a red, sandpaper & sunburn like rash starting within 12 hrs of the fever. The fever can be quite dramatic, lasting days if untreated. Over time the body recovers but may develop auto-antibodies & evolve into rheumatic fever in kids. The antibodies can strike the heart, brain of kidneys.

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Which body systems does scarlet fever attack?

Scarlet. Caused by strep can affect the throat skin heart kidneys just like strep throat.

Which body systems does scarlet fever attack?

Untreated Strep. Can cause post-streptococcal glomerulonephritis (kidney disease), tonsillar abscess, rheumatic heart disease, arthritis, PANDAS (neurological tic disorder), and toxic shock (multi organ failure). Serious stuff! Scarlet fever is the combination of strep infection of the throat and rash.

I have brown, dry spots that I was told was Scarlet fever residue. I am 59, I was 8 when I had the fever. They cover my body from my knees to my neck?

Impossible to DX. It is impossible to DX rashes on tis format.
Can't accept that. I have seen & treated scarlet fever over decades and followed the patients for years afterward. I have never seen any skin discoloration as a long term consequence of this problem. The rash, when it arises is temporary. The skin, renews itself over the years and by the time decades have past, you have new surface cells & many imperfections (environmental exposures) that were never present in childhood.