What exactly is hodgkins disease?

Lymph cancer. Hodgkin lymphoma is a cancer of lymph glands. It is noteworthy in part since one form of it is common in young adults. It is extremely treatable and the majority of patients are cured, using chemotherapy. Some patients also need radiation therapy.

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What exactly is Hodgkin's disease?

Type of lymphoma. Hodgkin lymphoma, which used to be called "Hodgkin's disease" is a type of lymphoma, a cancer of white blood cells usually but not always clumped in lymph nodes. Hodgkin lymphoma behaves so differently than all other types of lymphoma that we have grouped lymphomas broadly into "Hodgkin lymphoma" and "non-hodgkin lymphoma" (i.e., EVERYTHING else!) Hodgkin lymphoma is highly cureable.

What causes Hodgkin disease?

Cause of Hodgkin's. Hodgkin's disease is of unclear etiology. A clone of B lymphocytes undergoes a genetic mutation (possibly caused by a virus) and begins to proliferate without control. The body's immune system reacts to these abnormal cells in the lymph nodes and causes the nodes to swell. The disease can also involve the spleen, liver, bone marrow, and other organs when advanced. The treatment is usually curative.

What if hodgkin disease isn't treated?

Worse and die. People do die from hodgkin's lymphoma. It will no go away by itself. So, if it is not treated - it will continue to grow and ultimately one will die from it from different mechanism- for instance- from infection, organ failure or bleeding etc. Depending on the stage and biology- hodgkin's lymphoma can be cured with combination of chemo/radiation. See your md and discuss your option.

How to determine if I have hodgkins disease?

Biopsy. Hodgkin's lymphoma usually is presented with persistent or progressive enlargement of the lymph nodes. It may be also associated with some symptom slike fevers, chils, unintentional weight loss etc. If you have progressive or persistent swollen lymph glands- and you are concern- please go to see your doctor for further eval. A biopsy will be the the test to tell you what it is.

Do they ever use chemotherapy for hodgkin disease?

Yes. Chemotherapy is frequently used to treat hodgkin lymphoma. The amount of chemotherapy and use of radiation depend on the stage of the disease. This is a highly curable type of cancer.

I want to know what's the cause of hodgkins disease?

Possible virus. The exact cause of most cancers is not known. However, in the case of hodgkins disease it is possibly caused by a virus named eb virus.
So do we... There is a connection to a virus called the epstein-barr virus (causes mono), but the mechanism is unknown and there many people who get hodgkin disease and this is not the cause. See: http://www. Cancer. Org/cancer/hodgkindisease/detailedguide/hodgkin-disease-what-causes.

What is the most common symptom of hodgkins disease?

A lump. Usually most patients present with an enlarged lymph node. Sometimes an abnormal x ray. The more advanced symptoms include fever, night sweats and weight loss. Sometimes people will complain about itching. A rare symptom is pain after drinking alcohol.

Could you explain what is hodgkin disease definition?

Curable lymphoma. Lymphoma is a lymph node cancer that falls into two major categories: non hodgkins (nhl) and hodgkins. Hodgkins has a cure rate of ~90%, while nhl has many different lymphoma types with much lower cure rates. If you had to get lymphoma, I would choose hodgkins. Best luck to you!